Reduced prices to clear out HO diesel engines

John Larkin

Reduced prices on HO diesels, clearing room for move to O scale.  These bought from estate of a guy who worked for me on a shortline railroad and do not look to have ever been opened.  All plus shipping at cost.  No Paypal, almost anything else will do,

Proto 2000,             SD9s.    21642 - Northern Pacific #370, Phase III SD9.  $49
                                             21694 -  Great Northern #728, Phase III  SD9.  $49.
Proto Limited Edition SD45, 30749, Great Northern #416.  $49

Note:  both Great Northern engines are in the GN Orange scheme, not Sky Blue

Proto 1000  F3A     8175   - UP 1403 F3A, $45
                   F3B    23970  - UP 1402B Powered $39 
                  A unit, Erie built UP 705 (Proto 23899)  $35