FS Fast Tracks HO Turnouts Cd100,83 and 70 corrected for email and payment


Sorry everyone forgot to put the payment info and email in the last post
I have Fast Tracks HO code 100,83 and 70 Turnouts available, they are dcc&dc compatable made with Micro Engineering rail, all metal frogs that are isolated and wired for easy hook-up to a switch machine. The turnouts are mounted to laser cut tie strips and are DC and DCC compatable.All turnouts are checked with an NMRA guage before shipping
I have added a bunch of turnouts and will be adding more over the next few months

HO #4 Right and Lefts $25
HO #4 Wye's $25
HO #5 Double Crossover $85 Code 70&83 
HO #5 Double slips $85 cd 100,83,70
HO #5 Rights and lefts $25 Each cd100,83,70
HO #6 Double Crossovers $85 Code 70&83 
HO #6 Rights & Lefts $25 CD100,83,70
HO #6 Single Crossovers $85 CD100,83,70
HO #5 Single Crossovers $85 CD100,83,70
HO #5 Right and Lefts $25 CD100,83,70
HO #5 Wye's $24 CD100,83,70
HO#6 Right and lefts $25 CD100,83,70
HO #6 Wye's $24 CD100,83,70
HO #8 Right and Lefts $30 each CD 100,83,70
HO #8 Wye's $30 Code 100,83,70 
HO #10 Right and Lefts $30 each CD100,83,70
HO #10 Wye $30CD100,83,70 price $30

Curved Turnouts Code 100,83 and 70 $30 Each
HO #10 36/30"" Right and Lefts 
HO #10 30/27" Right and Lefts 
HO #10 28/24"" Right and Lefts 
HO #10 24/21" Right and Lefts 
HO #10 18/16" Right and Lefts
HO #8 30/24" Right and Lefts 
HO #8 32/25" Right and Lefts
HO #8 40/30" Right and Lefts
HO  #8 24/20" Right and Lefts
HO #6 36/24" Right and Lefts
HO #6 30/21" Right and Lefts
HO #6 24/18" Right and lefts

#6 Gantlet Track assembly 2 pcs + 20" connector track  $70 * CD100,83,70

If you are considering buying a Double Crossover the wiring can be a major headache to do, i recommend using either Hex Frog Juicers from Fast Tracks for DCC systems only! or 4 Tortoise machines, i can provide a link to the Fast Tracks Forum where wiring diagrams are available to show how to wire them using tortoise machines.
Payments by Paypal, money orders and checks
Shipping Via US Post office
Contact me at gruzalskic@...
Thanks Clint