For Sale (Prototype) Speeders-Motorcars and parts

cainh6691 <cainh6691@...>

This is the final sale of my collection of motorcars and parts. Have an
MT-14-L, a W-64 Tie Crane, An A-3 converted to passenger trailer and
lots and lots of speeder parts for sale. Also have three boxes of misc.
railroadiana: lanterns, locks, books, glass and bakelite insulators,
VHS and DVD's.
Items will be marked with individual prices and items not sold on 10/11
will be scrapped on 10/13.
Sale is being held at 2573 Coopers Creek Road, Suches, GA.
I may be contacted at: CainH6691@... or 757-285-4973 until 10/10.
IF buying items, bring CASH or checks, boxes for loose items or bags
and a way to haul off the MT-14 or other larger items.