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Roaring Jelly is a very large, friendly Contra Dance Band formed in 1970. We sponsor and play for the 3rd Friday Contra (and Square) Dances usually in Lexington, MA (usually September - June) and some other dances, both public and private.
Since 1970 about 400 musicians have contributed to the sound of Roaring Jelly. Some have stayed many years, other have passed through but briefly. As few as a handful or as many as 40 have gathered together at any given time - fiddles, whistles, flutes, trombones, accordions, mandolins, banjos, saxophones, clarinets, guitars, piano, bass, and percussion - ready to create music together. All have helped shape the sound of this ever-changing, vibrant band known for its spirited, joyful playing at local contra dances.
What is Contra Dancing?
It's an unforgettable experience that combines some easy steps, a Caller, live music and your energy and enthusiasm! For more info visit:
Come Dance with us, families, beginners, and singles are welcome!
Our 3rd Friday Dance (September - June, April sometimes canceled for NEFFA) is usually held at the First Parish Hall (the white church opposite the Battle Green), 7 Harrington Rd, Lexington (Center), MA from 8-11 pm, (7:45 pm for all the basic instruction needed to get started) - please check our website for latest information.
Admission is $8, teens $5, under 13 free; or $20 per family (2 adults and their minor children). Refreshments at the break. Our June Dance is an Ice Cream Social.

Friday, June 21 Dance will be an Ice Cream Social at the First Parish Hall, 7 Harrington Rd, Lexington
Ice Cream with toppings served at the break to celebrate the end of our 49th Season.
Our CD: "Roaring Jelly - Dynamite Music Since 1970" features Music Director Debby Knight and 34 band members playing over an hour of music (13 dance sets and waltzes) with a colorful 12 page descriptive booklet. Copies are available at our Dances ($10) or by mail ($12).
To receive Roaring Jelly Dance announcements, join by sending an email to:
then reply to a confirmation email (not in Inbox?, check your Spam/Junk and Trash folders)

Other RJ Band websites: Meetup Group (old Band pictures)

Former Band members please visit and join:

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