RGO-ONE & WSPR working


In the FWIW department I have WRPR running on the radio as I type. Thought I'd leave some info for those who are thinking about it.

I ordered a couple of DB15 plugs from ShowMeCables. (Disclosure: I have no financial interest in the company). You get the plug, plastic housing, crimp on pins and screws/bolts to hold it together. I actually soldered the wiring onto the pins for a better connection. I also ordered an unterminated cable for my SignaLink USB box, which connects to the pins in the DB15. Figured out the jumpers. Plugged it all in and have a screen full of decodes. Also am using the USB port on the radio under Kenwood 480 commands at 19200 baud. No issues.

At this point I'm getting up to about 5 watts out: this is likely an issue with the SignalLink USB box. This is more than enough for WSPR. If I was going to do PSK or the newer WSJT modes and wanted more output (I won't I run mostly QRP) I'd have to troubleshoot a bit but at least it's working very well.

73 de WB0FDJ Doc


I will add that over the last weekend I got the rig running under Fldigi. Used Kenwood 480 command set and the "Hamlib" tab.
Works fine. Noted better than 20 watt output with this program. I would keep it to 20 watts or less, so for digital use the rig works fine.
Side note: I use Xubuntu Linux for my station computer and have experienced no problems in set up.
Also when running WSPR, which I've done about every day now, I'm getting more decodes per time period. I am thinking that the audio is exceptionally clean compared to my other
rigs and it makes a difference.