RGO Logging - Mac


Hi All,
Got my RGO One today. Made a CW contact (CO to TX) and got very good report on CW quality. Not my CW (for sure:) but the CW sig from the RGO.

In playing with my logging software - MacLoggerDX I was able to make Kenwood 480, 670 and 690 emulations work but only at 19.200 baud. I'll request MacLoggerDX author to add RGO coverage for more complete and accurate control and logging. But as is it logs Frequency, and Mode. Eventually it'll handle recording power and changing mode and other controls. Good enough for now.

So hopefully this will help narrow which emulations work for some of you.

Lots to learn about this radio. I'm liking it so far!  Like others have said the filtering can really quiet band noise without signal loss. That's impressive. Audio is nice sounding too.

Pete WK8S



Thanks for the tip! i plan on doing some stuff this weekend with regard to computer control and digital.
Agree the audio, for me, is very good and the variable filter is outstanding.

73 Doc WB0FDJ