Number 20 has Arrived.

Tom N1YR

I waited for both the 160 M and the ATU options to arrive.  The package left Boris' QTH midday Monday, arrived at US Customs midday Wednesday, and was delivered midday today.  Three days in transit, plus several time zones' difference added some hours.

The TNT package tracking website has problems.  First, they reuse tracking numbers, so I could have been inquiring about a shipment from Bulgaria to the USA in May, or a shipment delivered within England in February.  Second, on occasion the shared tracking number "could not be found" in the system for either parcel.  Third, at times the website would show busy trying to look up the tracking number, even if allowed to "think" for over an hour and not have a result.  But all is well in the end.

I do not expect to be on the air with RGO-ONE right away.  Remodeling the house followed by remodeling the ham shack will come first.  But I know I cannot work stations I cannot hear, and am looking forward to using this receiver having all the outstanding user reports.

VY 73 de Tom, N1YR