CW Message Recording Mystery


Hi All,

RGO One #22 with the ATU arrived this past Thursday. I go it up and running with no difficulty. Shipping was very fast as it arrived in three days.

This is one really excellent receiver, one of, if not the best I have used in 42 years of hamming. Stunning performance on Rx. Great TX audio reports on SSB. CW is a dream to operate. QSK is superb. . Even my XYL who is not a ham said to her ear the received SSB audio sounded more "clear and pure" than anything else I have used.  And I have used some darn good transceivers over the years.  I worked JE1LET on 20m SSB this morning with 40W into an OCF dipole which is never an easy path from W1-land. Very impressed so far.

I have one issue though. I cannot get a CW message to properly record and store no matter what I do. I must be missing or overlooking something very simple. Can someone please explain how to get one saved into memory and how to get it play back.

Thanks in advance.

73 de N1LQ-Dave


Hi all,

Here is what I have discovered. There are two ways to enter CW messages.

Record method #1:

1. Must be in CW mode. Long Press the REC button only until you see “rEC” on the display.
2. Press button 1, 2, 3 or 4 which will bring up either Menu item 14, 15, 16 or 17 (CodE 1,2,3,or 4) followed by 127 which is the max number of characters the message can hold.
The number of characters (letters or numbers) 127 will decrement when you send each character or number. It appears a space is added if you send just a single character as show by the count decrement.
3. Now send/record the message as normal with your CW key.
4. Exit the menu mode by pressing the MNU button.

Your message is recorded.

To play a message:

1. Long Press the PLY button until you see PLY on the display.
2. Press the appropriate number button. The recorded message will begin to transmit. Press any button or your CW key to abort the message.

Record Method #2:

1. Must be in CW Mode. Press MNU button and rotate Encoder #3 to choose menu item 14, 15, 16, or 17.
2. It will display “CodE 1, 2, 3, or 4” followed by “127”.
3. Long Press REC button until you hear a beep. (Beep sound will need to be on to hear it, of course)
4. Now send/record the message as normal with your CW key.
5. Exit the menu mode by pressing the MNU button.

Please note: The Menus 14-17 for the CodE will always display “127” even with a recorded message in its memory slot.

Also note the Menu 18 “ bEAcon" does not appear to function yet. At least I have not been able to make it repeat a message.

I hope this is helpful,

Pete WK8S

Petr Ourednik


exactly. That is correct and easy way to rec and play messages from MEMs. Thanks for good job with that nice compilation.

There is short vid tutorial showing these steps on the RGO One in practise.

Hope it helps too.