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RGO ONE is the GOLDEN classic superheterodyne down conversion HAM transceiver covering all HF bands 1.8 - 29.7MHz (160/60m as an option).

High dynamic range receiver design including high IP3 monolithic linear amplifiers in the front end and H-mode first IF mixer.

Low phase noise first LO – SI570 XO/VCXO chip.

Full/semi (delay) QSK on CW using clickless quiet diodes switching; PTT/VOX operation on SSB. Strict RX/TX sequencing scheme. No click sounds at all!

Due to its modular construction it can be easily modified or redesigned in manner that suits operator. This kit is intended for users that like building their own home made equipment and constructions.

In order to keep track of RGO ONE orders we made pre-order form in google docs.
You can place the pre-order anytime online here:


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