Send state-specific emails by using # (hashtags)

Jennifer Christian MD

Occupational medicine physicians and other healthcare professionals with expertise in the SAW/RTW process are now joining our RETAINers list-serv.   And we now have hashtags for 17 states.   One way to connect with other potential RETAIN participants in a specific state is to put the hashtag for your state in the subject line of your message.


For example, create a subject line like these: 

Would like to support RETAIN in #NJ-only  

#OH-only Interested in participating in RETAIN

Grant-writer available for #VT-only or #MA-only

#RI-only occ doc available  


Also, to help other members figure out who you are, please use a signature block when you post a message.  Include your full name, any relevant degrees or certifications,  your position or profession, and your organizational affiliation, city and state.


Do you have any other suggestions for how this list-serv can make it easier for potential collaborators in a state to find one another? 



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