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Dear Retainers,


I am a certified occupational health nurse specialist that has been in Occupational Health x 39 years. I would love to work with the Texas group. We have both Workers’ Comp and Non-Subscribers options in Texas. My current position is with a non-subscriber health system (hospitals, physician offices and free standing clinics and urgent care clinics) in the Dallas/Ft, Worth area.


I look forward to hearing from any others in Texas.


Karen Barrett, RN, COHN-S, CHSP, FAAOHN  

Director  |  Employee Health  |  MHS

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Subject: [RETAINers] RETAIN is a first step towards establishing accountability for job loss following injury/illness


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One way to look at RETAIN is as a beginning – of a long-term effort to START establishing accountability within government and to a lesser extent within other sectors of the economy for preventing needless work disability (preventable job loss / withdrawal from the workforce). 

Today, few people recognize worklessness as a very poor outcome of a health problem that develops in a working person – and yet it is definitely that.  There is a cascade of manifold negative consequences to physical and emotional health, as well as family, social, and economic well-being that occur when formerly independent working people lose their livelihood and enter a life of dependency on government benefits.

See powerpoint attached – a summary of the policy paper I wrote on Establishing Accountability to Reduce Job Loss after Illness/Injury while serving as a member of the Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Policy Collaborative sponsored by the US Dept of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) that is now managing RETAIN.   Full text is also attached.    Reading pages 1-7 will give you all the main ideas.

When ODEP commissioned this paper, and I started thinking about this issue, I suddenly saw that TODAY, none of the three stakeholders on the front lines -- those called upon to respond at the time that a working person develops an injury or illness -- feels ANY accountability for preventing job loss or workforce withdrawal.  Those three front-line stakeholders are the treating physician or other healthcare practitioner, the employer, and the benefits claims payer – if there is one.  And this issue has not been on ANY government agency's radar.  Yet, when the individuals who lose their job end up on public disability-related programs, it is the taxpayers who end up holding the bag and paying for that lack of accountability.

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