Update: Reward awardee project summaries coming soon

Jennifer Christian MD

Hi, all –

If you click on Grant Recipients on the ODEP SAW/RTW webpage, you’ll find a map that highlights the states participating in Round 1. 
https://www.dol.gov/odep/topics/SAW-RTW/grant-recipents.htm   It’s reasonably balanced:  Two on the far West, two just west of the Mississippi, two east of it, and two on the East Coast.    However there’s zip in the Mountain, Plains,  Southwest or Southern states.   I wonder whether any of them actually submitted bids.    More than one person predicted Georgia would.   (The map also reminded me that my memory is a bit hazy about which states are neighbors of others. Pasted below is the map with the states labeled that I used as a refresher.)

BELOW THE MAP my eye fell on this sentence in small print:   “RETAIN awardee project summaries coming soon!”  Wow, will that be fun:  to read and compare the various designs!   I’ve been SO CURIOUS.

Re: the dropping of other shoes:    The ODEP website now says that the announcement about the Evaluation contract won’t be made until October (as you recall, those proposals were submitted in early JUNE.  The website still says the Technical Assistance contract will be announced in September.  I haven’t heard a whisper about that one.   Have you?


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