MN! plus CA, KS, OH --- and CT, KY, and VT

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We were just notified of the award to MN.  Congrats to Ohio, Washington, Kansas, California, Vermont. Connecticut and Kentucky!  We are thrilled!


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [RETAINers] Anyone heard anything about their RETAIN bid? Any states? Evaluators? Technical Assistance?


The ODEP website about RETAIN still says two out of the three pending types of awards (the expected 8 states and a single technical assistance contractor) will be announced before September 30 – and Jennifer Sheehy from ODEP told us that DOL must commit the money by then.  (SSA has not committed to the date when they will make their award for the single evaluation contractor.)


And I just realized that September 30 is Sunday.  The last business day in September is this Friday.


Has anyone heard anything from DOL?   My fingers are crossed for all of us.  (Webility was part of a bid to serve as the Technical Assistance contractor and provide support to all of the states that receive awards.)  



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