Re: Supporting Employment for Newly Ill and Injured Workers -- New Urban Brief

Peter Rousmaniere

Thanks for your letter. I am keeping track of your thoughtful papers.
One issue I hope you can raise is the need for information about the duration of disability from the date of start of disability. This is not an easy thing to do. In workers’ comp it should not be difficult, as long as one is careful in collecting and interpreting the data. Workers’ comp claims payers record the date of injury and have data on duration of disability payments, and some count the days of disability.  After about a year post injury the data gets complicated.  But it is important to construct the data, due to the importance of early intervention. I have not seen detailed duration of disability data from Washington (per COHE). I have urged the WCRI [Workers' Compensation Research Institute] to focus more attention on this issue (see attached).
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