Q&A from 1st Prospective Applicant RETAIN Teleconference Now Available

Jennifer Christian MD

See below.   ODEP has now provided thoroughly considered responses to some questions that were posed but not definitively answered during the first teleconference.  The questions concern:

  1. Whether VR and work comp agencies can serve as the “lead” agency for this program.
  2. The role of the workforce system in RETAIN – (spoiler alert:  an exciting and proactive one:  time-sensitive collaboration with both healthcare providers and employers!)
  3. The definition of a “healthcare system” – which is one of the four REQUIRED members of the project leadership team.  
  4. Potential conflicts of interest that would preclude members of the leadership team from subsequently bidding to provide project-related services.
  5. Etc.

Remember, the SECOND teleconference is this-coming Monday 6/25 at 1 pm Eastern.   Dial In Number: 888-989-6419    Participant Passcode: 1023755


What questions do we all still need answered – or are unique to your state? 





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Good Morning!


Expanded answers to questions posed on the first RETAIN prospective applicant teleconference and responses to those we were unable to answer on the spot are posted on ODEP’s website.


As communicated last week, we will host a second prospective applicant teleconference next Monday, June 25 to answer additional questions. Details are as follows:

  • Date: Monday, June 25, 2018
  • Time: 1:00 p.m. ET
  • Dial In Number: 888-989-6419
  • Participant Passcode: 1023755


As with the first call, this teleconference will be recorded and transcribed for posting on ODEP’s website. To access the audio recording and written transcription from the first call, please visit ODEP’s website.


As always, please feel free to share this information with your colleagues and networks. Questions about the Funding Opportunity Announcement and application process should be directed to Ms. Jeannette Flowers.


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U.S. Department of Labor



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