Re: The 8 RETAIN states are: CA, CT, KS, KY, MN, OH, VT and WA

Thomas Wickizer


As one of the original COHE evaluators, it is wonderful to see this coming together.  I know how hard the teams have worked.  It will be very interesting to see how the initiatives evolve over time.  Congratulations to  the funded teams!  Great work!


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Subject: The 8 RETAIN states are: CA, CT, KS, KY, MN, OH, VT and WA


Let's congratulate the 8 states that will be participating in RETAIN Phase I:  California, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Vermont and Washington.   


And also, let’s commiserate with the many people in several states who scrambled to meet the challenge, formed themselves into ad hoc teams, put in enormous numbers of hours designing and writing up the best possible bids they could under that crazily time tight frame -- and were not awarded.  Ohhhh, I’ve been there and it is hard.   And may be there myself shortly.


Here's a link to the press release from ODEP:



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