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Micahel Toth DO

Hi Megan,

I am an occ doc with family medicine background and pain management experience. I have spent much of my career trying to prevent disability in injured workers. I am interested in the concept of RETAINers. I am located near Rochester and would be happy to work with anyone local who is interested in this project. Have you made contact with anyone in the state? Thanks.

Mike Toth DO

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I work in Occupational Health in MN/ND. I am interested in getting more people back to the work force safely. Very interested in this program and whatever I can do to help. #MN #ND


Megan Askelson, FNP-C
Sanford Health Occupational Medicine
1705 Anne St NW Bemidji MN 56601
218-333-4735 Main Clinic
218-333-4740 (O)
218-234-3526 (C)


Over the last week, our RETAINers group added more than 30 occupational health professionals.   Let’s try to get them connected with the state agencies and others from their states here on RETAINers. 

I’ve created 50 hashtags – one for each of the 50 states, e.g. #AK, #CA, #NC and so on.   EVERYONE, pls send a brief email introducing yourself with your contact information – like Michelle Edwards and Laura Dinsmore just did – and include your state and its hashtag in the subject line. (which hosts our group) will then allow us to sort messages by hashtags.


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