Powerpoint brief orientation to COHE --highlighting key features - by JHChristian

Jennifer Christian MD

I have followed the COHE program since its inception in the early 2000’s.  In the last few years, I have made two week-long trips to Washington State to study its current operations and learn its history in more detail.   In addition to conversations with the involved state agency, I have visited several of the COHEs themselves.  While there, I spoke with the local COHE medical directors as well as operational managers, network recruiters, and healthcare service coordinators.    


Last year, I moderated a panel presentation at a national occupational medicine conference about COHE that featured two COHE medical directors and three operational managers, as well as a COHE member physician.  I delivered the attached powerpoint presentation at that time.  It emphasizes some specific design features that in my opinion have been critical for COHE’s success  – but that Washington state staff do not emphasize.   This presentation also documents the specific ways that COHE has reduced unnecessarily poor outcomes.


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