Accuracy of my rev counter

Christoph Hinder

I'm highly interessted in your opinion about my rev counter - I got a 68 Mk1a with the wonderfull anti clockwise rev counter (did the mk2 had that as well?). My question is - how schould my rev counter behave :) My one indicates quite well idle till about 3000 rpm, then beginns to wobble and stays somewhere between 3000 - 4500 rpm and if you rev the engine higher - it jumps to around 6000 rpm - what probably could be correct. I usually shift much earlier and my rev counter is listening to the engine anyway, so it's not a big issue. I bought the rev counter not long ago in canada as a reconditioned unit, so I'm just curios If all of them are more or less an estimating tool.
Take care and best wishes from switzerland

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