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Bob Wilson, N6TV

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What the user needs to do:
- download the csv-file which is dayly available on the RBN website
This file contains all spots of all CW-skimmers woldwide in a structured data-form (csv)
- store this file somewhere on your computer
- Open this file in Excel (only possible, if CSV file has less than 1 Mio spots - otherwise you need to truncate the file to only import half the day into Excel, for example)

The Windows command findstr, or the Linux command grep, can be used to quickly extract lines from the large .CSV files into smaller ones, e.g., for a particular DX or spotter callsign, or continent.

I've published sample batch files / shell scripts (for both Windows and Linux) to simplify the process.  See (redirects to a Zip file, see Readme_Getspots.txt inside the Zip file for instructions).

You don't have to specify a callsign to GetSpots; you can also specify a continent or DX Country prefix or whatever else is surrounded by commas in the .csv file.  It's a simple text search for the command line argument.

.CSV files can also be summarized quickly in batch using .AWK or Python programs, but these require more programming skill than Excel.

Though never publicized, PY1NB set up a daily job to automatically summarizes the RBN .csv files using an .AWK script that I wrote.  See:

Inside each Zip file is a report summarizing the total number of spots per callsign and skimmer on that day, so you can see which skimmers spotted you the most on any particular day. The history goes back to the earliest days of the RBN.

Bob, N6TV

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