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This is a forum for discussion of Haplogroup R1b-U106 and related genetic genealogy topics; however, the main focus is R1b-U106.  It is open to anyone interested in learning more about the large European Haplogroup defined by SNP U106 (aka S21).

A common topic of discussion is advice on NGS Y-DNA testing (FTDNA Big Y-700 and FGC, or individual SNP testing at FTDNA or YSEQ.net). More broadly, progress with DNA testing depends on the voluntary sharing of our DNA results. We encourage those with Big Y or FGC results to upload them to https://ydna-warehouse.org/submit.php. This lets our analysts compare your results to others, in detail. It is a way to help us build tools that will help you and others, and to be able to advise you better by looking closer at your DNA results. The privacy policy on the link above describes what we do with your data. Let us know if you have any concerns about sharing your data, and remember to always get the permission of the test taker before sharing their data.

NOTE:  DNA results data should ONLY be shared at the Y-DNA Warehouse at the above link, and only after reading the privacy policy.  Please do NOT share any DNA results here on this discussion group! 

Also, please do NOT refer to your DNA matches by their actual names.  Instead, use their initials or terms such as “my closest STR match”, or “the descendant of [whatever ancestor they mention in the public display at the R1b-U106 Project]”, or “a GD 5 STR match”, or a made-up name such as “John”.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:
1. Please keep topics and queries relevant to the interests of this group. The list moderators may e-mail you a reminder in the case of "topic drift" if the subjects do not pertain to our list topic (R1b-U106).

2. When replying to messages, please trim unnecessary excess previous messages. It may also be helpful to change the subject line of the reply. Please change the "To:" line if you wish to reply to an individual; replying to someone off list may be more appropriate than sending a post to the entire list.

3. Politics, religion, profanity (including abbreviated or initialed forms of foul language), personal criticism (including sarcasm), petulance, rudeness, tit-for-tat argument, and “trolling” in general are not allowed or tolerated! The moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any posts which are in breach of the rules. Violators will be placed on moderation. The moderators also reserve the right to place anyone, or any topic, on moderation (or close a topic), at any time. In the case of multiple infringements, the moderators reserve the right to remove an individual from the group.

4. Do NOT forward or cross-post other people's messages into or out of the list WITHOUT their permission.

5. Please respect the privacy of living people. Please refrain in particular from associating the names of living individuals with their DNA kit numbers and sharing the names of your DNA matches unless they have given explicit consent. Please do not publish GEDmatch IDs. 

6. Please don’t use our friendly forum as a vehicle for “venting” or griping about things.  Note that we have no control over the labs.

Please also read the Genetic Genealogy Standards here: http://tinyurl.com/mashkmf

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