Hood and Wood BY34846

Class1 Driver

Question to anybody:

Hood, B144260, and Wood, 421024, both took Big Y. Hood just got onto Alex's Tree, but preliminary, so in red.

I can't find the BY34846 SNP in either of their private SNPs on Alex's Tree, so it's a bit of a mystery why FTDNA has them both as BY34846 according to our Project page under L193>>>BY2634. Neither testee knows how they are related, so they're excited to find out.

Perhaps somebody will need to look at their VCF files to see if BY34846 is there. Any volunteers willing to receive their VCFs and analyze them? I've just got my phone.

BY34846: Hg19, 7815367;  Hg38, 7947326

Ybrowse uses 7947326 and recognizes it as BY34846.

Nobody else in their block has BY34846 per Alex's Tree and Project Results page.

I don't doubt FTDNA, but curious how they matched these two with same SNP.



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