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Thanks Mike:

I've corrected my error with 6 McIntyres (7th is unreachable).


It is a momentous time in FTDNA history!  I never suspected that FTDNA would get ahead of the citizen scientists in regards to the Haplotree -- but they have, as Alex's NGS Chart doesn't yet reflect the 8 SNPs shared by Galbraith and Mcintyre. Interestingly, I count 8 good SNPs in Galbraith's private SNPs page (click on the surname).  I suspect that Mcintyre will have more than 8 private good SNPs.

I continue to get Matches, almost daily, especially at 25 markers.  I notice I have a couple of McIntire matches at 2 and 3 GDS at 37 markers, so they are likely L193 also. But that's not a guarantee as I have other 3 and 4 GD matches at 37 markers who are S9294 and FGC34929, so we don't share a common ancestor for at least 4600 years (my estimate of the age of L513).

For those interested, here's a link to McDonald's TMRCA ages.  I'm puzzled by some of his calculations (he has approximately 200 BC for TMRCA of L193, and I calculate it at about 200 AD), but you can look up the above mentioned SNPs  at his site here

McDonald has DF13 TMRCA at around 4600 years, so L513's birth age should be about the same. For L513 men I use 127 years/SNP.  36 average SNPs X 127 = 4572 ybp.  For the L193 TMRCA I calculate 1778 ybp, or 127 X 14 SNPs. That works out to 1960-1777= 183 AD approximately. To get the approximate birth age of L193 I add the 9 equivalent SNPs to the previous 14 SNPs for a total of 23 SNPs to the birth of L193 man.  So 23 X 127 = 2921 ybp, or about 961 BC (1960- 2921= -961). I use 1960 AD as the average birth year of testees.

To summarize, according to my rough calculations, L193 man was likely born around 961 BC, but his descendants didn't really blossom until around 183 AD, the TMRCA of all living descendants of L193 man -- the point in time where all living L193 descendants share a common ancestor: Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor. This is essentially the average age of all the 4 living subclades (Sons) of L193.



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Daryl, please hold on recommending targeted (fixed) SNP testing or at least ask the folks to join here to discuss.

There are a number of SNPs in this branch. BY34838 is just the one FTDNA chose to lead with on the haplotree.  We don't have any idea about which SNP is oldest or youngest in this branch.

Big Y is always a good thing to do so, since you discover your own line of SNPs, and this should also cover the SNPs in this branch... which was discovered by Big Y. Of course, one should look for a price promotion.

I recognize that not all can afford Big Y but if we could get another McIntyre or two to do Big Y before recommending targeted SNP testing, we might have a better chance of selecting the right SNPs to target.  We should also fold that into a R1b-S5982(L193) Pack update.

Mike W

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