Re: [R1b-L513 Project] Past Big Y

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If you don't want your vcf files to get lost, make sure to include the kit number when you upload to Alex.

If your dad's 1st cousin had 2 more SNPs than you this means he and his father both had a SNP mutation -- unusual, but interesting because there were only 2 opportunities to mutate from your great grandfather.

I only count the unique SNPs which have a plus sign on top of a clear background in the far right column, and when the far left column Position designation only has two letters in it: 1 letter for the old modal value at that Position, and one letter following it for the new SNP mutation -- a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism.

Big Y doesn't always catch every SNP consistently, so it's possible you and your cousin may have the same exact unique SNPs.



On Sep 24, 2017 9:09 AM, "Joel Campbell loudouncastle@... [R1b-L513-Project]" <R1b-L513-Project@...> wrote:

I just got the Big Y results of my father's first cousin. He is BY-14605 like me and has seven unique SNPs. Five are the same as mine plus two more.  He is a generation older than me. I'm also awaiting the Big Y results of a guy named Thomas Campbell. Should be out any time. I've been out of town this week, but am home now. I will upload these to Alex ASAP.

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