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You've got your work cut out for you.

Take a look at this link from Alex W's Big Tree

Flucker is your closest relative there and per both your unique SNPs, which average to 4.5 (3 for Flucker, 6 for you) your common ancestor may be around 350-550 yrs ago (depending on SNP mutation rate used). Your next closest relatives are Dixon and the two Musgraves. Combining all 5 men's unique SNP, plus shared SNPs works out to roughly 5.3 SNPs -- so you all share the same common ancestor, under the BY14605 Block of SNPs, roughly 400-600 yrs ago.

Your next closest relative, per Alex's Tree, is Howie who doesn't share the BY14605 SNP Block with you and the other above men. But he does share the BY411 Block with all of you, and this makes you 6 men closer to each other than all the other men under L1066. You 6 men now share a common ancestor back to about 9.8 SNPs, which could be about 800-1100 years ago -- roughly.

I see that L1066 is one of the larger subclades under Z253 (Son SNP of ZZ10, which is a Son SNP of DF13).  There doesn't seem to be any dominant surname there. In fact, you are the only Campbell I could see under ZZ10 which is L513's brother SNP under DF13. It was common for tenants to assume their landlords name, so this may be how you got your Campbell surname, as they were a prolific dominant group. My recent paternal Martin ancestors came from Campbelltown, Kintyre, Argyll, and one still lives there.

You need many more L1066>BY411 men to Y-DNA test, if they're out there. Perhaps researching your closest paternal relatives will reveal a particular geographical pocket to exploit with feet on the ground and door to door knocking.



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It is under Z253 and then under Z411. There are only two of us: Dave Flucker and myself. I am kit #226153.

Joel Campbell

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Where is by14605? I don't see it on Alex's Tree, our STR results, or in database (PDF Jan17).

What is your kit #?



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I would like to know if anyone has any thoughts on what might be downstream from BY14605. I've got thirteen "unique" SNPs. I'm currently waiting on the Big Y results of a cousin. Do I just wait to see which unique SNPs we have in common? 

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