Blake/Campbell L193 match 37 mkrs

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That's a question for which we don't have enough information about, and may not be answerable unfortunately. Most surnames only became common within the last 500 yrs or so. L193 man was probably born about 2700-3200 yrs ago. His descendants didn't blossom -- through 4 separate Son subclades -- until around 200-400 AD per my calculations (Yfull says about 100 BC). We call that blossoming point the TMRCA (time to most recent ancestor) -- the point in time where all L193 men alive today share the same common ancestor.  SNP, or Haplogroup, ageing is not an exact science by any means at the moment.

The best way to attempt to find your more recent ancestors would be through more testing, like 111 STR testing and/or SNP testing like Big Y. Doing both STR and Big Y testing should help greatly to eliminate those that are not your closest paternal relations.

Surnames may not be the best way to find your closest relations. For example, my last name is Martin but through STR and Big Y testing we discovered we are likely McClains because we are the only Martins amongst many McClains and a few other surnames. Most of us in the L193>BY207>>>A1067 subclade suspect we descend from the chiefly lineage of the McClain clan, but it hasn't yet been proven.

One thing seems incontrovertible: if we hadn't all done 111 STR and Big Y SNP testing, we'd still be stumbling around in the dark. For the time being it's not quite so dark, and we do see much more light than most. We may even need to take more than 111 STR tests  -- when available -- to help us further, but even then a breakthrough may be reliant on new testers coming into the mix.

For more detailed analysis and recommendations we'd need to know your kit # and exactly which tests you've taken to date.


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Hello everyone, So I have been trying to figure all this out but not very good at it any help would be very much appreciated. My surname is Blake and my family has been traced to Montgomery North Carolina. There are several books about these Blake's saying they are descendants of Sir Richard Cadell who changed his last name to Blake. So what I have found so far is that I have some matches with surname Black Blake and Campbell. What I have learned is that there was once a Black Scottish clan that for some reason was no longer recognized by the clans and I think the were taken into the Lamont clan and Campbell clan. The lamont clan killed a bunch of the Campbell clan so the Campbells destroyed the Lamont clan and the Lamont clan chief is supposed to be in Australia now. I am a Y-37 so far with snp L513 and L193 and the Campbell clan on your map I think is my match with a Black in it how can I find out who came first Black Campbell or Blake? 



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