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The link below shows a map with a region in southwest Scotland called 'Galwyddel' in c.600 AD (not called that in the 300 AD Map)

It seems that Galwyddel was named after a mixture of cultures -- the Gaels and the Norseman, and/or represents the Gall Goidels.

My interest lies in the possibility that the Little surname could possibly be a derivative of the 'Galwyddel' region. By dropping the 'Ga' we'd be left with 'lwyddel', and that could easily change into Liddell, and then Little.

Hey Leake (or anybody), has this idea already been presented by others? Does it make sense to anybody but me?

Here's the link to the list of 'Isles' Maps in different timeperiods:

Galbraith would be another name that combines Gal (Gael) with Britain (braith), to mean 'a Gaelic Briton'. 

In addition to the above surnames mentioned, a few other L193 surnames have come out of the southwest Scotland/Galwyddel region. In fact a large majority of L193 surnames seem to come out of southern Scotland which is probably not more than 150 miles across.

My TMRCA calculations for the births of the four L193 Son subclades is approximately 200-400 AD. All four Son subclades would likely have been born around the same time -- like all established Son subclades they would likely have been born within 150 years of each other: in this case within a 150 years of the last of the 9 equivalent SNPs in the L193 'block' on Alex's Big Y chart.



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