Re: [R1b-L513 Project] Re: L193+ but S5982 neg for N234853 Rosenblad

Tiger Mike

​I don't know about any upgrades in the last day or two.

Please report any errors or glitches on their web pages to their trouble ticket/work system by the on-line contact form.

I'm not a very good user so I'm not the right person to ask about all of the ins and outs of their web pages.  A very good place that you should consider is their forums web site.  They have FTDNA employees on it so they can answer questions if other users don't.



On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 8:44 PM, Class1 Driver <class1driver@...> wrote:
Mike W: 

I'm not questioning any rights to privacy, but rather trying to understand, and convey to others how things work -- so that confusion can be reduced on an macro level.

After receiving your reply I logged into 'my FTDNA', and then miraculously 7 men's STRs appeared under '3890a SW STR Cluster' even though moments earlier -- and 12 hrs ago while conversing with Ulf -- nothing was there, repeatedly.  Then I logged out of FTDNA, and all of their websites, and opened up the Public L513  'Classic' Results page, and got the same results -- all 7 men were there.

Bottom line: FTDNA must have been upgrading the site, so now it appears as it should. I never did find the 'ungrouped' section that Ulf mentioned. I've also been experiencing some glitches with FTDNA's log in page.
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On Jul 28, 2017 3:52 PM, "mwwdna@... [R1b-L513-Project]" <> wrote:

This is normal stuff, Daryl.  We just need some patience.  Ulf said "I am using my ordinary kit login and see his kit as the only one under 'ungrouped.' "  That's reasonable.

We have to respect kit N229719's privacy rights. Here are the options he has set.

Who can view my Earliest Known Ancestor?     Project Members
Who can view my DNA results in group projects?     Project Members

It would make sense that you have to be logged into FTDNA to see his results but anybody who is a match could see his contact email, MDKA and GD on the Y matches display.

I will ask him, like I would ask anybody to turn the two questions above to "Anyone" rather than just "Project Members".  

I haven't been able to reach him yet, but people have lots of things going on. In any case it is his/her decision on privacy settings.

Mike W


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