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R1b-L513 Y-DNA genetic genealogy group

L513 (aka DF1/S215) is an SNP subclade of the L21+ haplogroup. Z249 and CTS5396 are equivalent to L513. L513 people are scattered across the British Isles, Scandinavia, Benelux, France and even Germany.

Gaels, Medieval Normans, Flemish-Norman allies, Hiberno-Vikings, ancient Gauls or Brythonic Celts? or all of the above? Join the message board and share your ideas. Click on the "Messages" on the left to view the board. Let us know your Most Distant Ancestor information and origins/folklore.

The Ysearch modal for L513 people is ZN8M3.

The largest families include the Anglin, Banks, Barrett of Mayo, McKenzie, McClain/MacLean, St.Clair/Sinclair, Elliott, Kingston, Kelly, Little/Lytle, Burns/Byrnes, Maguire/McGuire, O'Gara, O'Shea, Ross/Rose, Massey/Massie, Walsh/Welch/Welsh and Vance/Vans.

View a chart of the branches of the R-L513 tree.

If you are an FTDNA customer AND qualify, please click here to join the project. This is a public project.

Please don't be afraid to ask for help on deciding what to test for. No sincere question is bad.

The group's goal is to advance deeper testing and understanding of L513. The group is for those in the project and interested in project and its goals. Do not post non-L513 topics or very general topics, specific agendas not aligned with the project goals, intentional commercial promotion, nor denigrate people, their testing decisions, companies or products, or otherwise be inflammatory. Do not use this forum for vendor competitive selling and analysis. This often leads to negative selling and discouragement. This can result in a ban without notice.

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