Un-paginated handwritten notes from iPadOS (was: Re: Correspondence Group) #handwriting-on-the-internet

Nathan Galt

While pagination often creates problems (it's hard to read text that's half on one page and half on another), whatever export method you chose for this has a different problem — the resolution is too low to make out letters reliably, even when zoomed in loads. (If I didn't know better, I'd have guessed you wrote "𐑯𐑥" on the first line.

Do the instructions on https://groups.io/g/QuikScript/message/2914 match your operating system, or has this sort of thing been smashed around between iOS 15 and 16?

Moira O'Brien

Thanks Nathan - on my iPad print menu there is no share button - however, if I touch and hold "Print" then the option to save comes up. Definitely not obvious.

The pagination is a problem, as iOS is not treating Q'S as script, rather as an image, so it is cutting lines in two. 

I did not however that I am still on iOS15 so am updating now.