Technical note: generating PDFs on iPadOS (and iOS) #handwriting-on-the-internet

Nathan Galt

I never would have known about this if someone didn't point it out to me, but one can print to PDF on iPadOS and iOS (although you're probably not writing in Quikscript on devices in the latter class).

To print to PDF from Notes (and many other apps), tap on the Share icon (the box with the arrow pointing up and out of it), then choose Print. From the print-options dialog, tap its Share icon. The current object that you're about to share will be a PDF document, and you can send that where you want (Save to Files is probably a good choice if you want to feed it into an e-mail).

This functionality isn't new in iOS 16, but I remember an older way that was much, much less discoverable. I think it involved tapping and holding on a preview of what you were about to print.

Nathan Galt

I should note for posterity that the above was written for iPadOS 16.