How often do you use Quikscript #poll-notice

Moira O'Brien

Let’s find out how our members use Quikscript in their daily lives.


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I was a little unsure how to respond to the poll.  I will make notes in QS for work fairly regularly during the week, and I make notes to myself in QS regularly.  But I probably don't use it every day.  Sometimes it is just a sentence or two on a given day.  The other problem is still the same as it was when my father and I worked together in our law firm.  He would always say that I shouldn't use QS at work because if I was ill or was hit by the proverbial bus, he would not have been able to read my case notes.  That thought still mitigates against me using QS at times, because my paralegal, who happens to be my wife, can't read QS.  So notes that I make in the file, are gibberish to her, which sort of defeats the purpose if I have to transliterate them for her.


I was also a bit unsure how to respond. Almost every day I write several words or sentences in QS as a form of practice/fun (and in Shavian to keep fluency in both), but usually the words won't serve a purpose outside of the practice. So am I really "using" QS?

Anyway, I decided to respond that I use it daily. At the very least, I think critically about it almost daily even if I don't necessarily write every day.

Moira O'Brien