Do the t and s sound letters in cats link up in Quickscript? Is there any reason the script couldn't be used for Esperanto if this is the case, using the linked letters for c, the unlinked letters for t and s, and the letter for the final sound of loch for hx?

Jeffrey Tamsky

This assumes the x orthography convention.

Brad Neil

Yes, they link up as long as you write the "s" letter bottom-to-top (as recommended in situations like this) -- page 13 of the Quikscript Manual includes this example.

I suppose the effect for Esperanto would be similar to the equivalents of 𐑗 and 𐑡 (church and judge) in this early version of the Shaw Alphabet:

Notice that they are quite literally just the "t"/"d" and "sh"/"zh" letters, conjoined. (And for that matter, 𐑗/𐑡 are ligatures of 𐑑𐑖/𐑛𐑠 in the final version of Shavian, too, with that logic becoming less obvious in Quikscript)