Brevian: a fun, related script to Shavian or Quickscript

Brian Mansberger

Hello, everyone.

I just wanted to share something I have been working on since early last year, and thought I would briefly mention it here since it is inspired by and related to the core focus of this group.

I love both Shavian and Quikscript, and wanted to explore some of the philosophies behind them in a derivative fashion.  At no point am I proposing to supplant or shift focus / conversation to this script, but I consider such things fun and figured you might also.  

The script I created, Brevian, is available as a TTF font file with a PDF guide at this website:  The PDF has a lot of the goals for the script more fully explained.  It seems to behave well in both LibreOffice and MS Office, but let me know.

Thank you,
Brian Mansberger