New user, state of Senior Quikscript support on computers

Jeffrey Tamsky

I'm a new user of looking to learn Quikscript. I have known about the Shavian alphabet for years, and wanted to come up with an improvement like Quikscript, not knowing it had already been done.

I'm interested in getting Senior Quikscript working on my computer as a unicode font using a cross-platform standard with proper support, and am wondering if this is possible, and what it would take to get it working. I am not at all an expert with computers, but relative to most users these days, I am much more knowledgeable, as I can do some basic programming and know how to use Windows XP and Linux Mint enough to get virtually everything I want to get done myself with a little googling, aside from having a secure XP system in 2022, of course. I skipped everything up until 10, which I can install and do some things with, but Microsoft has changed so much that I barely know what I'm doing with it, and I refuse to use Windows 11 or a Mac due to them not working properly on standard x86-64 PCs.

It looks like there's not much recent discussion of this based on searching for "senior font".

I currently dual boot Windows 10 and Mint, and use Mobian Phosh on my phone.

Nathan Galt

You'd like to make a Quikscript Senior font?

If that's the case, your first step is to install FontForge while booted into Linux. has a bunch of notes I've made after trying, unsuccessfully, to make one. Everyone seems to use the Private Use Area for Quikscript letters these days, so have a look at to see what code points to assign letters to.

If you have any questions about what I've linked to, or anything else fontmaking-related, please don't hesitate to ask on-list. Fair warning: I have only the tiniest FontForge experience, and I haven't fired up Glyphs in years.

Jeffrey Tamsky

So, theoretically, it's possible, then?

Nathan Galt

In short, yes.

As far as I can tell, the only way to be wrong about this is to make a Quikscript Senior-capable font, and find out that no matter how hard one tries, it just deviates too often from what a normal human would write.