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Brad Neil

Hi all, I thought you might be interested to know that I have recently launched a new website dedicated to Quikscript.

It hosts the new fonts I have created so far (more on the way!) in addition to my collection of others' fonts gathered from various other places over the years. I also provide keyboard layouts for macOS and Windows which follow a different paradigm of key assignment compared to Nathan's King Kong. I have published some recommendations for a minimum set of glyphs for new Quikscript fonts, to encourage the creation of fonts which will be useful for word processing by including things like numerals and punctuation.

Additionally, I have posted a scanned copy of the "Second Shaw" chapter from Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 2 (this is OK under Australian copyright law, which allows for reproduction of up to 10% or one chapter for the purpose of research/study etc). As far as I know, this has not been made available online before.

Here is the URL:

Hope everyone is having an excellent day. Happy Quikscript-ing,
Brad Neil (FriedOrange)


As a beginner, this is immensely helpful. I hope to see more updates in future (if you add anything else).



I checked out your site and appreciate all the work you have put into it.  I knew about Cole's Funny Picture Book No. 2, but I don't remember every seeing it before.  I think you are correct that it has not been online previously.  I have glanced through it and will spend more time with it when I am not so pressed for time.

Keep up the good work.

Paige Gabhart

Brad Neil

Thanks all for the kind words!
I am making small, quiet additions to the site all the time by the way. For example: the page summarising the various letter names, the complete scanned PDF of Androcles and the Lion, and my clean-up of Kingsley Read's writing circle letter have all been added since the site was first launched. Do you think it would a better idea to have a little "news" section to make any changes more visible? And I'd love to hear your ideas for more content you'd like to see. So far I've just been making whatever interested me the most at the time.

Nathan Galt

On Jul 5, 2020, at 10:31 PM, Brad Neil wrote:

Do you think it would a better idea to have a little "news" section to make any changes more visible?

I’d add an Atom or RSS feed to my feed reader in no time flat if that corner of your site had one.

An “updates” section might be useful for others.


I second that too


It might be a bit forward of me, but have you thought about contacting to add your site there? I don't see why their site can't be expanded to also talk about quikscript.

Brad Neil

Thanks again for the feedback! I've heard of Atom and RSS but don't really know about them. I'll definitely look into it now!

have you thought about contacting to add your site there?
No, for a couple of reasons: first, I must confess I wasn't even aware of that site (Quikscript being my primary interest, rather than Shavian) and I also feel it would be a rather forward thing to do! Besides, mine is certainly not the only site about QS - I am very appreciative of the others (especially the Quikscript Outpost, which has helped me with some of my own misgivings) too. For now I think it's OK.


Hi Brad,

I am new to this community and moderately new to Quikscript. I've been searching for some material to help improve my reading ability, and your website has some great resources. I wanted to say thank you, and that I appreciate your time and effort spent to compile and share them!
Also, as a heads up, it appears Thoth and Quikscript Sans are not displaying correctly for me on the "Other Fonts" page, though I don't know if that's my computer or a website issue. The rest of them, including yours, display as intended.

Brad Neil

Thanks for the kind words! I'm really glad to hear my little project has helped you.

Also thanks for letting me know about the broken webfonts -- it was definitely my fault! It must have been like that for weeks since it was caused by a change I made back in July... oh well, all fixed now!