Ending my storage of Yahoo QS Group Materials by December 2019


I originally archived the materials on the Yahoo! Quikscript group when it was first announced that Yahoo! groups were effectively ending. I placed them in private but accessible storage here (https://ufile.io/hzjh4wv9) with the intent that such archiving was temporary and that others would download them and archive them as well in equally accessible places for others.

With the transfer of the Quikscript group now here and the files also seemingly transferred here as well, I plan on deleting that archive within the next week or so as it is redundant. If you choose to download that archive, please do so before December 1, 2019. After that, it will be removed from that archive at my discretion. Thank you.

For absolute clarity, I am not deleting anything from groups.io, just the file that I am personally hosting outside of groups.io. No files on groups.io are being affected by this removal.