Revised Jerome, e-mail questions.

Jon Zuck <frimmin@...>

Thanks for your encouragement, Paige! I appreciate it.  I appreciate criticisms, too.  I'm a spanking-brand-new-comer :-)  to Second Shaw, (I got the manual the day before I started on "proto-Jerome")  so I need help with my blind spots.
>  I would agree with your inclination to
> promote this as a connected, cursive script.
Thanks.  Roger said the same, so we seem to have a consensus.  I'm hoping to soon change the "proposal" to a "presentation."
Besides the fact that "connect from below letters" sometimes don't display connected (they DO print connected, even when they look wildly separate), I've noticed there are still problems with kerning.  Trying to fix those. 
A zigzag in halfWheat and halfWin sounds like a handwriting tip worth passing on, but probably worth passing up in a computer typeface, like the "final halfTot."  I don't think it would be productive for there to be alternate alternate letters.  Just too complicated.  I favor going with the straight half Ws, since they connect much more attractively and simply without the zig to ADO and EARTH,  making @az, @Dld, @Dd, @Dk, ~DlwiGd, @Di, @Fld, @aflz, and many other common words so beautiful.  The zigzag connection to Eat would only improve a handful: wI, wId, wIk, wIvl, `Il, `It,
and their derivatives and compounds.  (It doesn't seem to be in QM; did you come up with it, or did you get it from your correspondence with Read?)  And in informal writing among SQS users, "we" can just be a single stroke anyway.
> I can't seem to get this e-mail program to use Jerome, but when I can work
> this out, I will start using Jerome to familiarize myself with the keyboard
> mapping.
In the test messages that I posted, I tried to see if there might be an HTML cheat that use could use specifying the Jerome font from a plain-text e-mail program, but it doesn't work.  I would recommend IE.  There is a workaround for Netscape to do it also, it just takes a few more steps.
And the Namer dot is at the slash.  The slash is at the ampersand.
"standard" map follows:
a=ado, A=ash
b=bib (maybe change that to Bob?  Sounds less childish?  Pairs with Ed?)
(B=half-deed NOT standard)
c=church, C=ear
d=deed, D=earth (First Shaw ARRAY)
e=Ed, E=age
f=fife, F=ice
(G=alternate N, nan, not standard)
h=ha-ha, H=thither
j=yo-yo, J=judge
(K=long Thither, not standard)
(L=halfZoo not standard)
m=mime, M=ooze
n=nun, N=inkling
o=on, O=oak
p=peep, P=or
q=oil, Q=out,
r=roar, R=are
t=tot, T=Thoth
(u=up as an alternative ado, not standard, although First Shaw Up has a similar sound.)
v=valve, V=yew
y=ah, Y=awl
z=zoos, Z=Zhivago
/=namer dot
&= slash (not standard)
other half-letters on the symbol keys as described before.
Shalom v'Tovah,
Jon Zuck
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