Revised Jerome

C. Paige Gabhart <pgabhart@...>


I haven't had a chance to really work with Revised Jerome yet, but my first
impression is WOW! What a dramatic improvement over the first version. No
doubt there are some small points we can quibble about, but at this point,
who cares. I am impressed that so many of the connections used in senior
QS are possible in this font. I would agree with your inclination to
promote this as a connected, cursive script.

I can't seem to get this e-mail program to use Jerome, but when I can work
this out, I will start using Jerome to familiarize myself with the keyboard

One point I have noticed is that you cannot use "half-wheat" followed by an
"eat" because it will appear to be a "whitewheat" followed by a short "i."
(sorry, I can't remember what that letter's name is at this late hour.)
For example: "wheat" looks like "whit." Senior QS solves that problem by
putting a zig-zag in the half-wheat. Obviously, we cannot replicate all
the possibilities of handwriting.