Netscape and IE troubleshooting

Jon Zuck <frimmin@...>

I don't know why, but Netscape Messenger doesn't seem to recognize any
of the Shavian fonts. So even in the Read newsgroup, anyone using it
won't be able to send info in a Shavian set, (although you should be
able to read it if you select Edit/Preferences/Mail and
Newgroups/Formatting/ and hit the radio buttons for use HTML editor, and
Send in HTML.) I don't know how to troubleshoot the problem of not
being able to select Shaw fonts. Very strange.

With IE, it's very easy to read and write in Shavian fonts: Just hit
Format/Rich Text (HTML) and some font editing tools appear which allow
you to specify Shavian fonts, change sizes, etc.

Shalom v'Tovah,


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