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John Cowan

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More to the point, I’m tripped up/slowed down by more trivial things. While mnemonics like “the top bar of Shavian 𐑱/𐑲 was switched out for a little loop at the top” help, I’m more thrown by deviances than, I suspect, many people here.

That was an issue during Chinese/Japanese integration:  Japanese readers are thrown by differences that look insignificant to Chinese readers.  (In this case, "Japanese" and "Chinese" are cultural choices rather than languages: Chinese text in a Japanese context such as quotations from the Chinese classics uses Japanese shapes.)  The ISO committee, which represents the governments of all relevant countries (Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea, South Korea) resolved the matter in favor of the "Chinese" viewpoint.[*]  

In practice, Japanese readers manage fine with Japanese-specific fonts that show the shapes they expect (a very rare character might look wrong to the minority of Japanese who know it).  QS and Shavian users would do the same.

[*] Except in the cases where a pre-Unicode Japanese encoding already distinguished close variants, which is not applicable to Shavian/QS.

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