Re: The path to Unicode standardization #standardization

Brad Neil

Hi all. If I may add my two cents to this discussion, I would also be in favour of the maximal dis-unification of Shavian and Quikscript characters.

As Kingsley Read wrote in the Quikscript Manual itself, "Apart from their having the same designer and similar style, they are different and separate alphabets." Besides reshuffling a number of identical letter shapes (which could result in confusion with a unified solution), Quikscript contains new letters ·Whitewheat, ·Loch, ·Llan, ·Axe, ·Exam; merges Shaw's ·𐑩 and ·𐑳; and eliminates the eight "compound letters". In my opinion, Quikscript and Shavian are only similar in the way that the Etruscan and Greek scripts were similar; they aren't two versions of the same script.

Inclusion in the Conscript Unicode Registry is a proven pathway to the official Unicode character set: Shavian and Deseret have both made the jump already. Even the Phaistos Disc script has done so, despite it only being represented on a single artifact! Quikscript actually has real people using it, today, around the world. Surely, if the Phaistos Disc can do it, Quikscript can.

It appears that getting registered in the CSUR is difficult to impossible, though. Even if it doesn't carry the same weight, I would personally love to see our Quikscript block submitted to Rebecca Bettencourt's Under-ConScript Unicode Registry. This would at least provide some semblance of (community) standardisation, and a mechanism to prevent different conscripts from occupying the same codepoints.

On that note, I noticed that the location currently used among the Quikscript community (E650-E67F) is already occupied in the UCSUR by another conscript called Sylabica. Would it be prudent for us to move somewhere else, perhaps the next available position: EB60-EB8F? It would be a very simple matter to create a conversion tool for existing texts, and I would be more than happy to modify the existing open-source fonts Thoth, Abbots Morton Experiment and Quikscript Sans.

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