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Welcome to Quality PSP Tubes and Tags!

We pride ourselves on being a family friendly group. We share ONLY G-rated tubes and out tags are made with those tubes.. No adult content (not even SAC), no goth, dark, evil or scary tubes. If you question it...don't send it.

We like to keep it simple...our general rules are as follows...

1. Share ONLY Tubes.

2. Tubes must be G-rated.

3. Include previews when sharing.

4. Do not send shares on e-mails that have a background or stationery.  Do not include siggy tags.

5. Do not advertise other groups. Not even in your signature line.

6. Keep anti-virus and spy ware/ad ware programs up to date and run them often.

7. Use your subject line to describe what you are sharing.

8. Keep it clean!

9. Have fun!

10. Be nice!

For a full list of rules, please visit our files section. Rules are also sent out to the group every 2 weeks. Just to serve as a reminder.

Lurkers are welcome here, but please remember that the more people who share, the better the group will be.

Please note that if you need to go on special notices, you do not need to notify us. You will have to change your own settings. If you need help with this, we will be glad to assist you. But we will not change your settings for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems or suggestions, please do not send them to the group. Contact your group owner or a moderator. We are here to help and glad to do so.

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