QTR Linearizing of Quad files -- K7 Piezo and regular curves

Roy Harrington

There seems to be a fair amount of interest in re-linearizing existing .quad curves.
So looked into it and created a new droplet program QTR-Linearize-Quad that does this.
The droplet takes two files -- a .quad file that you wish to re-linearize and a 
measurement file i.e. .txt file like the usual QTR-Linearize-Data takes.
This is basically equivalent to adding a LINEARIZE line to a curve descriptor file.
The output .quad file will have the same name with "-lin" appended to curve name.

This gives you the capability of linearizing Piezo .quad files and also allowing a
second linearizing of the standard curves -- i.e. you can have a linearized curve
but fine-tune the linearize with a second one. 

The plan is for this in the next version but I currently have a Mac version that
can be tried out.  Here's a link to the droplet application:

Comments welcome.


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