Re: QTR not printing - "Filter Failed"

Roy Harrington

Well the "super" modes affect the whole page.  But the top and bottom micro-banding is related
to the weaving/interleaving as well because you have to hold on to the paper.  On the small printers
this is all in the driver so Epson and QTR driver are different.  On the Pro printers its in the
printer itself so both drivers will use the same algorithm.


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I acknowledge that this is slightly off topic, but does this "Super" issue have anything to do with the micro-banding that you see on the smaller printers in the first and last inch, but I gather not some of the larger ones?  I've seen both transport mechanisms and weaving blamed.  I confess that I've never really understood it.  Or is "Super" related to preventing banding across the print?

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1) There's a "super" version of some resolutions.  These take extra passes of the inkjet head
and often do a little better for banding issues.  On the Pro printers this is a in-the-printer feature.


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