Re: Any thoughts on propagation movies?

N9MS Mike Saeger

I had some time today so I have a first draft of a "movie" style map.

I had to make a change to the ADIF Upload program. I was not capturing the QSO Time only the date. In order to display the day/night terminator I now capture both date & time. The "movie" will only work for ADIF files uploaded after 11/18 at 8:20 pm CST.

This map works from your current QSOs in the database. If you only want to see a particular contest, delete all your contacts and upload just the contest adif. If you want a separate database for the contest, you can create a secondary callsign on QRZ (e.g. n9ms/contest -- 20 char max), put in your email address and then create a new QSOMAP account.

I sort the contacts from first to last based on the QSO date/time and display the first contact then the first and second, then the first, second, and third, etc. Each time I adjust the day/night terminator to coincide with the current contact time. 

The "movie" stops after the last contact is displayed. I haven't put in a QSO limit but try to keep it down to 1 contest set of contacts. 

You can add 4 parameters to the above URL
  1. zoom=3 is the default. Higher numbers zoom in closer.
  2. center=lat,lng enter a latitude followed by a comma followed by the longitude of where you want the map centered
  3. time=milliseconds enter the number of milliseconds you want each contact displayed. The default is 2000 milliseconds (i.e. 2 seconds). Even though your browser will request the next contact depending on the time parameter, network delays, etc. will affect the actual time delay beyond my control.
  4. color=  Enter "mode" to color the markers by mode. The default is by "band" because most contests are only for 1 mode at a time so all the markers would be the same color.

Update 11/20/2020
I developed a front-end for the movie program here:
There is a form that will create the proper link for you to click on.

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