Where is Q2Upgrade


I have a Titan-U and copied the files of the CD.  I upgraded the driver to 3.2, which shows in Windows 10 Device Manager.  The ReadMe File 27-Jan-10 states, "you must also install...Q2Upgrade"  However I cannot find the executable to install that.  Where is it?

In my C;\Program Files directory I have:   Install_Q1aUpgrade_1_5_0_0.exe ; Install_QCVM_3_1_0_7.exe ; Install_QuantumUpgrade_3_1_0_0.exe ; and a QP_USBXp_DriverInstall  directory with a QP_USBXp_Installer.exe file.  But I don't find anything for  Q2Upgrade Where do I find this executable?

Have not been program my Intermountain F7 and wonder if that is the reason why?

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

There are new win10 drivers but it is a bear to install.  Others have been successful and have shared their stories here on the list.  I have not yet tried Win 10.

kelly dorf


I may have left that off the CD.  I will look for a direct link for you.



Thanks, Kelly!  I am able to move the locomotive using short address 3, but not its long address 902, with my NEC Power Cab, however, there is no sound.  When I try to retrieve Locomotive Information using the QuantumUpgrade application, the progress bar only goes to 40%, then I get a message box "Unable to read Mfg ID. Status=1."  I get a solid red light on the dongle when I start QuantumCVManager.  So I input 3 as the primary Decoder address.  When I click the "Program Any CV" button and input 55, 1, 1, 96 respectively (for a Nathan M5 horn) for CV, PI, SI and value, the red light on the dongle does not, as I understand it, go on and off as it should when programming.

What step am I missing here or doing wrong in order for me to get the Titan-U sound side of the decoder to work??

kelly dorf

Here is the link to the most recent Quantum Upgrade:


Thanks, Kelly. Not sure if I have to uninstall the, but will try an install without doing that first.

If I just can't get the QSI Programmer to successfully make a connection to the locomotive on my Windows 10 Dell desktop pc, I have a older Windows XP machine and will try to get it to work there.  First, I will have a decoder installer friend make sure the sound wiring on the loco looks ok.


Hi dslperico,

  You should first remove the QSI software before installing the new upgrade.

  Kelly, this is the first I've heard of the Quantum Upgrade   That sounds like progress.   What has been changed?