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debirdsongjr <rrpete@...>

Just to be clear, I AM able to get a short whistle with the DT400R,
plugged in or not makes no difference, BUT: I have to punch the
whistle button just right - not too hard and not too long, or I get
the full whistle, and not too lightly or too short (no whistle); and
when I DO get the short whistle, as others have said, it sounds
truncated - no trail-off.

Willing to learn a better technique, procedure, etc., but I don't
plan to run it on DC just to get a better whistle <G>!
Pete Birdsong

--- In QSIndustries@yahoogroups.com, "Pat Quinn" <quinn1947@y...>
I'm not aware of a problem with the C-16 soundset regarding short
whistles. Does ANYONE out there have a C-16 who IS able to produce
short whistle blasts? It may be possible that the DT400R produces
some sort of "minimum" whistle signal that I am not aware of. Try
operating the C-16 in conventional (DC) mode. Are you able to
produce short whistle blasts that way? [REALLY short = bell toggle,
MEDIUM short should be a quick whistle blast. Please help out
everybody; this is how we can improve product quality really
quickly - feedback. Thanks! -pq