Trying to make sense of hardware ID / sound file id

Greg Elmassian

I've been organizing my collection of sound files, and noticed that the hardware ID of what decoder it is for is also listed, when you load a sound file into Q2 upgrade.

Can anyone help me with this information? Confirm or point out errors?


As best as I can tell these are the IDs and what they are:

  • 4000 Quantum 2, Large Scale - Revolution
  • 6000 Quantum 2, HO scale - Revolution
  • 7000 Quantum 2, FX-U - HO Titan
  • 7002 Quantum 2, FX-SD - Titan? what size?
  • 7021 Quantum 2, FX-DO - O scale Titan
  • 7022 Quantum 2, Large Scale Titan