Subject: Wiring & Programming Revolution A

eduard pfister

I am adding LEDs (number boards and maybe rear light and cab light) to a P2K FA1 with a Revolution A decoder.  The board has been in the loco for some time without the need to make changes. My pc with Q Programmer recently gave up the ghost, and I am unable to load the silab drivers treed to use the Q Programmer. So, manual programming, if possible.

The booklet that came with the decoder has programming instructions for lights on the next to last page.  Unfortunately not for number boards. Just front/rear lamps, ditch lights, mars and beacon. The decoder has 4 light ports in addition to front & rear lights.

Does anyone have an idea of how to wire the LEDs (which ports) and then how to program applicable CVs? (Wire and program number boards as if they are ditch lights?)

(Issues with reinstalling silab drivers and Upgrade/Manager on Win 10 are for another post.)


Ed Pfister